Welcome to Birdhouse, a Discord community known for being nice and toxic, filled with Jews, simps and normal people. Feel free to join and chill.

Respect our rules:

  1. No DM Advertising
    Advertising your server in the DMs or in the server will get you banned no one cares about yo shit unless you partner, ion care if you talk here alot we will ban onsight, this includes servers growing off our members.
  2. No Doxing or Exposing
    Posting sensitive information belonging to users within the server will result in a punishment and a possible ban from the server. These are also against Discord TOS and taken very seriously.
  3. No Child Porn or Excessive Gore
    Posting child porn or excessive gore will result in a ban, users may also report the message if they find it particularly disturbing.
  4. Follow discord TOS
    Discord's Guidelines
    Discord's Terms of Service
  5. No ScreenShotting or Recording Chats
    Don't be a little bitch. No one likes a screenshotting bitch or a kike-recorder.
  6. No Reporting
    Don't report any of our active members for any reason, if there is a violation the moderators and admins will deal with them in chat.


18+ Only. Anyone underage will be banned. Don’t care if you’re claiming to be 17 and turning 18 in a month or some shit